What our customers are saying


We drive 45 min to get the best pizza in Calgary !! Caesar salad is great too.

Service is always excellent and the staff is so friendly !!!

Don’t be scared of the “look” or the area – it’s worth the drive !!!!

Cory B.
Calgary, AB
December 26, 2018

Great place to meet with friends

I recently met with some friends for dinner and drinks, it is a fairly central location for all of our friends who live in Airdrie and Okotoks.
The food is great, Atlas is known for their yummy cheese filled pizza and the happy hour drink prices are great.
The restaurant is full of TV’s if you are interested in watching any games.

Julie O
Calgary, Canada
May 25, 2017

I have always enjoyed there pizza, but besides a few drinks and a few slabs of zaai that’s it!
I would recommend eating in however, there thick pizzas can be a bit soft almost soggy by the time it gets to your door. However, pizza this good, it’s not really a bad thing!

Codi Kingdon
November 11, 2017

I have been coming here for two decades now primarily to enjoy the awesomely fabulous pizza they serve. Makes my mouth water just writing this review…..in fact, I think I will hop in the car and go there right now. Highly recommend.

Doug Schneider
February 12, 2019

Gawd I love there Madigan pizza! There service is always awesome and it’s a great place to eat and have some drinks with friends. One of my favourite heart attack pizza!!

Addison Ha
February 18, 2019

My Husband and I have been searching for the best pizza in Calgary for just over a year now. A few co-workers who live in the area have mentioned Atlas Pizza to me, but tonight was our first time going. We were not disappointed. The pizza was delicious! The waitress was friendly and attentive. The Pepsi tasted off, but it’s a bar, I doubt many go there for pop. Overall, great experience and possibly the best pizza I have found in the city so far!

Jennifer Hanson
November 12, 2018

Been going here for years and always good food, pizza is awesome. Been here a few times lately, renovations looks great. Samantha has served us last cpl times and she is awesome. Gorgeous, friendly and very charismatic. Highly recommend.

Mary Graves
June 16, 2018

Came from Red Deer on a Saturday to play Buzztime trivia and try the pizza. We had A couple jugs of draft, cold and fresh with chilled mugs, and ordered the meat lover’s pizza(#30). Because we were playing trivia it makes it easy to time the wait.1/2 hour games. Waited a game and a half for pizza to arrive, so 45 minutes. That being said, we were going to be there for a few hours, and nobody was starving or going thirsty, and when the pizza came it was hot and very good! The server, I believe her name was Michelle, was pleasant and attentive. The manager even changed a TV to the trivia for us, and the other players were fun, easy to talk to, and very good. If you are in a rush, it may be a little touch and go, but for a laid back evening of pizza, beer, and trivia, a great place to go.

Michael Sabbe
May 30, 2018

I’ve never dined in until today since they are always busy….specially after work and close to weekends.

Since it got renovated maybe a year or 2 now….the decor is really nice very inviting and comfy.

Now my hubby is very very picky. He hates eating out. When we went was around mid afternoon so there were a handful of patrons only.

You go in…choose your seat. The server came really fast. Drinks order.

I ordered steak and spaghetti for $20
Hubby had 10 oz steak with mashed potatoes and gravy for $25
Coffee and iced tea for drinks ( it’s in a medium jug with free refills) I was full of iced tea…

The overall experience is perfect…

Cherylann G.
Calgary, AB
October 5, 2018

I have been lucky enough to have grown up in NE Calgary and was introduced to Atlas nearly 30 years ago. It’s rare to be able to go some where over the years where the quality and flavors haven’t changed even though the world around it has. I am NEVER disappointed with my pizza! Eat here! Love it, and support local. Thanks for yet another awesome experience this past weekend during my visit back to Calgary!

Corrine Thain
March 18, 2018

These guys have the BEST pizza in town, hands down. It’s an old school place in the hood but it’s honestly the best pizza around. I have friends I grew up from Marlborough and they always talk about how awesome it is. Now considering I’ve always been told it’s the best! My expectations were extremely high, well I was not disappointed. Ask me about the service….. Don’t even remember lol I do and our server was great but I was instantly in loved and have become a fan. All I got to say is I leave in the deep south and the drive is a non issue at this point.

Justin P.
Calgary, AB
April 28, 2018

Super Impressive

We play NTN and had seen that this bar had it so decided to go play a few games and have lunch. I had the 8 oz steak sandwich and my partner had the pulled pork with Caesar salad.

Well, my steak started with a salad and then came out with a very generous portion of fries and roasted vegetables and garlic toast. I cannot say how good it was. Steak was cooked perfect and the veggies were delicious. My partners pulled pork was very flavorful and plates were cleaned. Pricing was competitive but the portions and flavour were above and beyond tasty!!!! Well worth checking out!!!

Edmonton Canada
February 16, 2019

Great service good food and drinks

Fast Eddie
February 17, 2019

Great atmosphere and servers. Nicely updated with plenty of TVs to catch sports. First time to this place and I’d have to say we will be back 🙂 didn’t get a chance to try the pizza yet 😉 dry ribs were really good.

Drew W.
Fort Saskatchewan, AB
November 11, 2018

Family lives in the area and have eaten there for years. When we came this week to visit family we decided to order a pizza for dinner as we were too tired to cook. This is what I have coined as “prairie pizza.” Deep dish pizza with the cheese ON TOP of the fixings and not under. I definitely would eat again. Thanks Atlas!

Keating Smith
November 15, 2018

My family from my Dad & my Mom’s side has been going to this place since I was a kid. We all can say this is the best Pizza Place in Calgary. If you like allot of cheese, great crust and tasty sauce then you’ve found the right place.

PS the crust has been over cooked a few times but the pizza still tastes good.

Ty Emerson
February 20, 2019

First time at Atlas Pizza. The pizza was very good. Our waitress was very attentive even with it being quite busy. The large amount of TVs made it easy to watch the Oilers Vs Flames game that was on. The atmosphere was very engaging and upbeat. Would definitely go back.

Ryan Davies
December 16, 2018

Best pizza in Calgary, maybe the world! One of Calgary’s best kept secrets!

This is a great little neighborhood pub on the east side of Calgary with the best pizza, hands down! It was renovated a couple of years ago and looks great! A friendly relaxed atmosphere and super wait-staff; some whom have worked there for almost 20 years! These ladies know their stuff and are pretty quick with a joke and sometimes a hug! It’s a great place to go with friends. There are lots of big tables to accommodate larger groups, and, raised booths that let you enjoy a good view of the action.
The pizza is OH, SO GOOD! I ordered the Super Special pizza and added their famous meat sauce. Yum! Atlas’s meat sauce is the key. It’s also good to order a side of meat sauce and dip your crusts. The crusts dipped in meat sauce are my favorite part of the pizza. I also ordered a “Paralyser” in a mini jug. Wow! A whole jug of delicious creamy goodness with a kick. I like mine with tequila. 😉
Give it a try, I think you’ll like it.

Calgary, Canada
July 11, 2017

One of the best pizza places

I came across this place, shortly after moving to Calgary, accidentally one day while driving, about 10 years ago. Since then, it’s one of my fave places to go for pizza… reminds me of our Regina pizzas. Since then I’ve also ate other menu items, and they’ve all been delicious. We enjoy popping into this awesome place – and are always happy with it. Love when they have their trivia game nights!

Calgary, Canada
July 21, 2018

My favourite place to order pizza! They have this crispy cheese on top of it and it makes everything better ! The “Madigan” special is delicious! I usually get delivery but when I do stay to eat it comes out fast! Service is ok.

June 24, 2016

Always love coming here. Super friendly staff, clean, best pizza and poutine I’ve ever had! The energy in this place is so contagious. Love it!!

Reynalyn Mogatas
February 26, 2019

Celebrated my birthday with literally the best pizza in Calgary. I was also gifted with an amazing strawberry cheesecake. Would highly recommend this place. All the food is absolutely fantastic!

Shane Fitzgibbon
February 6, 2019

Decent old school style pizza

This place has the best old school style pizza in the northeast. It may not be fast or cheap, but its worth the wait and the price. They do not skimp on the toppings and it is cooked properly. I would recommend the Madigan special, the meat sauce added to this pizza is what makes it so good. Generally I only get delivery but have eaten in the restaurant a couple of times too and its just fine. There is a reason this place has been here for many years, the food guilty is what keeps it going. As for the comments about it being a sketchy neighborhood…..its really not that bad, I think some people overreact as areas get a bad rep in this city. I wouldn’t classify it as sketchy per se…..besides, I prefer places with character rather than box stores and suburbia….if you want your typical Panago or Dominos pizza and a Starbucks next door then I guess this might not be the neighborhood pub for you. However if you want some classic old school style pizza and decent food try out this place, you won’t be disappointed,.

Calgary, Canada
October 3, 2017

A favorite neighbor hood spot

Long time same staff, excellent service, food is consistent for 30 years, always good, newly renovated, a well known spot to a lot of Calgarians

Calgary, Canada
July 10, 2018

Had an awesome night/date night at Atlas pizza on Monday with the flames playing Toronto Maple Leafs. Having a good all-time with cheap beers and good eats, it’s not too busy in here but just comfortable enough to notice other people have an a really good time, really clean Inside and out definitely recommend their pizzas as they have a really nice crisp crust. O the tops of there pizza.

Joseph Gradishar
November 6, 2018

I just finished my first Madigan Special Pizza at Atlas. OMG it was sooo delicious! I don’t know if it’s the best pizza in Calgary but I have to tell you that I really don’t think that anyone could make a better one. It was that good. ☺
The bar was moderately busy but service was professional polite and timely with the pizza delivered piping hot to the table. I rate this experience 5 out of 5. Bravo Zulu.

Ron Woodd
January 17, 2019

Will you order takeout. 3 large pizza 14 in. Can be very pricey here the bill came about $90. What I noticed when I pick up the pizza it was very heavy. I believe it is a type of dough they making a house here. It has a nice chew to it but crunchy also we did ask for well done Pizza I was satisfied. We had two pepperoni, Hawaiian, Greek Pizza. The Greek was unsatisfied. But the pepperoni and the Hawaiian was awesome. Atlas give you a decent amount of toppings which is very good and I believe this is the only place I know to use to type of cheese which is very good flavor to give this place a try.

Jackson Le
January 6, 2019

Atlas has great food. Pizza is really good and consistent. Another fav of mine is the BBQ beef bones. I have never had anything less than a good experience.

Evenings it can fill up quickly, so may have to wait for a table if you go on specials or weekends.

Jaeger is cold 😉

Collin M.
Calgary, AB
December 17, 2018

Best old fashioned pizza in town!

We order delivery from Atlas about every 6 weeks or so and the pizza is always great! We get the Vegetarian and the Greek Goddess. You will love it if you want pizza made with good fresh toppings and oozing cheese!

Chris D
Calgary, Canada
September 30, 2018